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Welcome back to school Education is a partnership between parents , students and staff . Each element of the partnership is vital . Coordination between home and school is vital if the students are to develop to achieve success . We look forward to working effectively together .

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Very Important News
on 03/30/2020
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Prep. Stage Top News
on 03/16/2020
Prep. Stage Top News The 1st ,2nd and 3rd year prep. students can now download all-subject March Syllabus Materials from the school 's site through the link : Firstly, type your ID No., for entry registration . Then, each grade subjects appear. Note The students are kindly requested to follow the school site and facebook page to know how to join the online classes.       Read More>>>>

Annual activity exhibition
on 02/27/2020
Supervised by Dr. Huda Fawzy, Head of Heliopolis Educational Administration , Mrs Nevin Abdel-Malek, the Administration Vise Principal , Mrs Hayam Mohamed, head of the Administration Educational Services and Mrs Suzan Fawzy , S. F. L. S. leading Principal, the school has held its annual activity exhibition on Thursday, Feb. 27th, 2020. The Evaluation Committee including Mrs Hayam Mohamed, councillor Salah Abdel-Hamid, Mrs Ahlam , social work head supervisor and Mrs Hemmat , the talented students 'care supervisor have highly appreciated the effort exerted by the whole staff wishing them non-stop success. Hence, Mrs Suzan presents all thanks to the 2019 - 2020 S. F. L. S. Exhibition success makers , including honourable guests , teachers and students for their strenuous efforts. Best wishes ,
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on 02/24/2020
General , Khaled Abdel-A'al announces tomorrow , dating the 25th of Feb. 2020 , a day off Cairo schools due to the bad weather conditions , Wishing you good luck .       Read More>>>>

Saint Fatima Schools Abbassia and El-Hegaz branches assure that no Corona are found
on 02/16/2020
Saint Fatima Language Schools, Abbassiya and Hegaz branches, state that no corona virus is there. The schools' managing administrations give due attention and care to the health of both teachers and students following the relevant instructions given by The Ministry of Health , ensuring safety for all. Being well- aware of their social responsibility roles , both administrations will inform the concerned authority parties in case a person is seemingly doubted of being corona virus infected .        Read More>>>>

عزاء واجب

on 02/16/2020

بمزيد من الحزن والأسى تنعي إدارة مدرسة سانت فاتيما وجميع العاملين بها والطلبة والطالبات رجلاً من أفضل الرجال الأستاذ / عزيز صبحي تغمد الله الفقيد بالرحمه ولأسرته وابنائه الطلاب الصبر والسلوان وقد قررت إدارة مدرسة سانت فاتيما بإطلاق اسم الراحل الاستاذ / عزيز صبحي على معمل الفيزياء بالمدرسة تخليداً لذكراه وتقديراً وعرفاناً لمجهوده

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