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The schools manufacturer, The educational leader (may god rest his soul)
‘’ Mr. Fouad Habib ‘’
(40 years in serving the education process)

While we are talking about a big educational establishment in Egypt which is full of achievements, devotion and leadership, we also must talk about the 1st hand that laid the foundation stone in that great establishment, and the beginning of the dream that came true.

Dr. Fouad Habib

The dream holder was really an example we must follow in all times. The new generations have to learn from him that there’s no impossible as long as there’s ambition, strong will, determination to make it real and not remain just a dream in everyone’s imagination. He began his career life as an English teacher in one of the south Cairo schools in 1951 and due to his faith in the private education which has to be side by side to the formal education, he built a lot of establishments and "Abdeen School" was the first in 1951. · In 1954 he built "Abbassia Private School" for primary boys and girls. · In 1956 he built a preparatory school for boys and another one for girls then he bought the neighbored land to develop them and include the secondary stage. · In 1968 he built a school for girls with its three stages in El-Hegaz Square in Heliopolis, and in the same land next to the school. · In 1970 he built "Saint Fatima Language School" in El-Hegaz Square and before it there was "Saint Fatima School" in El Abbassia. · According to his hard work, he was welcomed by …………………………….. Mr. President / Gamal Abdel Naser with a bunch of his students to Abdeen Palace and he encouraged Mr. Fouad to keep up the good work and continue developing the educational process.

In 1979 Mr. President/ Mohamed Anwar el Sadat honored him as one of the leaders of education in Egypt. He also awarded him the Pioneers Medal on the Education Day. · When the policy of education in Egypt started giving due care and attention to Specific Education he started the first "Computers Institute" in 1985. · In 1986 he built the 1st Private "Hotels and Tourism School" in Egypt. . The light that used to shine the educational sky was taken off in October 1986 when the great teacher and leader Mr. Fouad Habib passed away after 40 years of giving and believing in his cause and in the statement which says:

“If u want others to light a candle u have to light it yourself 1st.”

. Although Mr. Fouad offered us a lot and achieved a lot in the field of education, he still had a lot of dreams that destiny didn’t allow him enough time to fulfill. His life wasn’t enough for him to achieve in the education cause all what he had dreamt of, but his soul is still out there following every achievement to bless it. May god rest the soul of the pioneer of education and the great symbol to the next generations ……………..

If the role of the Private Education in Egypt is praised, the name of

must be mentioned as one of the pioneers in this field as he had and still has an ambitious desire to develop and promote the standard of students as well as teachers in the whole field of the educational process,thuscompleting what his late father Mr. Fouad Habib -- one of the founders and pioneers of Private Education -- had started before passing away. The achievements and contributions of Dr: Sameh in the educational field is the biggest proof to his loyalty to his beloved country Egypt and, by having obtained A Diploma in Administration in 1996 "El-Sadat Academy" in addition to A Diploma in Running Tourism Establishments in 1997 "El-Sadat Academy" and finally A Doctorate in 1999 "Academy of Economic Studies – Romania" in The Management of Social Cultural Institutions in Higher Educational Establishments . He is qualified to be well aware of the educational needs and to build up new generations able to shoulder the responsibilities of their country and to help in leading it to a safe and prosperous future.

Dr. Sameh Fouad Habib

Activities and Achievements:

Dr. Sameh Fouad assisted his father -- the owner and director of the schools -- while he was still at college and after the death of his father he took over his place in running the schools . . In the same year he established the "Abassia Hotels and Tourism School" to be the first Private School of its kind on the republic level . · In the year 1987 he was the first to introduce the Computer Department to the High Institute of the Specific Studies. It was the first institute amongst all the private and public institutes to introduce this department. · In 1992 he developed this department to become a four-year-system after which the student gets a Bachelor's Degree approved by Ministry of High Education. · In 1993 he introduced a new department to the same Institute related to the Hotels and Tourism Institute and Tourism Guidance Institute. · In 1993 he established the High Institute for the Specialized Technological Studies on a very large area of land. It is located on the Egypt--Esmailya road -- 32 kilometers from the centre of Cairo. · In 1997 he established the first Abassia Private Secondary Specialized Industrial School for Computers and Electronics in accordance with Moubark - Kool agreement. It was the first on the republic level. · He established a home for aged on a large area of land --2.5 Feddans-- and called it (Dar Fouad Habib for Senior Citizens) to fulfill his father’s last wish and to be a sign of faithfulness and filial devotion. Information and Facts: . Dr. Sameh is the representative of all Private School Owners in both El-Waily and Heliopolis Administrations besides holding many posts and getting Honour Certificates in recognition of his hard, honest work in developing the educational system.

. The Minister of Education honored him as a Private Educational Leader in 1991. . The International Public Opinion Institution for Leadership and Universal Superiority honored him in 1998.

. He holds a position as a representative of the Private School owners in El-Waylay Administration since 1986 as well as in Heliopolis Administration since 1989 and Cairo Governorate since 2002.

. He is one of Educational Committee Members in the National Party . · He is Chairman of the board of directors in the Institute of the Specific Studies in Heliopolis and the High Institute of Specialized Technological Studies · He is Chairman of the board of directors in the Social Guardianship Association for Raising Young Generations . · He’s the chairman of the board of directors for Dar Fouad Habib for Senior Citizens which he established in memory of his father. Dr. Sameh Fouad Habib's zeal and ambitions for the educational field are endless. May God grant him help and support to realize all his ambitions for the welfare of our beloved Egypt.