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Gentlemen / parents and our children dear    

                Dear parents and Students,
 *Welcome back to school
*Education is a partnership between parents ,students and staff. Each element of
   the partnership is vital . Cooperation between home and school is vital if the
    students are to develop to achieve success.

School instructions    
  1. The school day starts punctually at 7.45 am. up to 2.35 pm, so the students have to be at school in time.

  2. If there is any kind of students' violations (absence ,coming late ,… etc ) , the school regulations are to be applied according to the ministerial decree number 287 dated 19/9/2016.
  3. We'll be pleased to meet parents for tackling problems regarding their sons and daughters . This will be according to the security instructions issued by the educational administration stating that parent meetings will be after 12.30 pm.
  4. - In case a parent can not come to the school for complaints or suggestions on the stated days , they can privately e-mail the school principal through
    (The )
  5. Students should be dressed in their neat school uniforms. In case they have P.E , they are allowed to be dressed in their uniforms since the beginning of the school day .
  6. The school P.E uniform is : -Dark blue sports trousers and a plain half-sleeved whiteT-shirt. No shorts or sleeveless T-shirts are allowed.       
  7. It is totally forbidden to bring cellular phones to the school. In case a mobile phone is spotted in the school, it will be kept to be handed over to the parent after making the vows due. Mobile phones with cameras will be confiscated until the end of the school year .
  8. It is totally prohibited to bring along any valuable ornaments or large sums of money to the school. The school will hold no responsibility for the loss or damage of such personal belongings including mobile phones
  9. Students ought to respect and follow all the school instructions ,stick to the good conduct and keep others' safety during the school days.
  10. All experimental exams set by the school are quite obligatory , no Exemptions nor delays
  11. An exam room is held for continual disturbent and late students.

    *Important note :- Parents  should appear in person to receive their sons'/ daughters' final year exam result OR send an officially- certified person. Parents shoulder the responsibility for not receiving their sons' / daughters' exam results at the end of the school year .

  12. The instructions of leaving school at the end of the school day :
    a) The bus ID holders pass through the gate of the secondary school
    building .
    b) Non –bus ID holders pass through the gate of the prep . school building
    bearing into account not allowing the parents' private cars into the   
    school park since 2.25 to 3.00pm .
    Note : In case of losing the bus ID , a student is prohibited from using       
                  the school bus .

  13. The instructions concerning the school groups:
    a) The group starts as soon as, at least ,four students enroll.
    b) The school group fees are paid to the accounting official before
    the beginning of the group .
    c) Students have the right to choose from the teachers of the stage.
    d) The students who are absent during the school day can not  
    attend the school group  stated on the same day .

  14. The 3rd year prep. students have to attend the additional upgrading
    groups, organized by the school ‚freely and compulsory. The weak
    Students can not make any excuses for not attending such groups.    

  15. We look forward to receiving your and suggestions through the    
    boxes scattered in the school playground .

The school administration wishes the students all the best of luck, success and excellence.
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