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  Saint fatima language school`s vision and Mission             

Vision for the preparatory Department :-

The School is an entity established for building a conscious generation able to innovate and characterized by belonging to homeland and school through considering quality standards. On innovation

  • The School aims at ensuring education quality and its constant development through developing the ability to search and to read.
  • Providing the opportunity for innovation and creation, encouraging and supporting practicing the different activities .
  • Practicing Freedom of Expression.
  • Spread the sense of teamwork among students.
  • Using all means of modern technology.

Vision for the secondary Department :-

Achieving distinction and leadership in the field of education and serving learners as appropriate to build the community so as to contribute to achieving sustainable development and develop the sense of belonging to homeland.

  • Building a safe and incentivizing educational environment enhancing creative and scientific thought.
  • Varity of teaching and learning methods to reach top performance in accordance with quality standards .
  • Supporting class and extra-curricular activities to enrich the educational process and meet the psychological needs of the students .
  • Assessment strategies used to know students strength-and-weakness points and the educational process as a whole .
  • Students acquiring the basic proficiency in science, literature, citizenship right and political participation .
  • Active participation with guardians and local community in take decision for serving school vision and mission .